Terms & Conditions

Hip Hop Helper strives to offer the best artist support in the business. As we continue to service you with industry-tested information and promotion packages, we must be sure to protect ourselves and our clients in cases of misunderstanding, disputes, fraudulent activity, etc.



Make no mistake that our Spotify Playlist Curator Network is indeed a subscription payment. Our Platinum and Diamond Upgrades are additional subscription payments that, when purchased, add extra perks and discounts to your original membership plan. This is duly noted on the checkout screen as well as in the Terms & Conditions tab that all customers must check before they can make a purchase. Under no circumstances will a refund be given for a subscription payment of any kind, this includes duplicate purchases and accidental payments. All clients will be billed every 30 days. Our digital product is sent to our client's via email as soon as a purchase is made and is updated monthly. Unsubscribing from our email list after you purchase a membership does not cancel your monthly payment. Instructions on cancellation are below. If a client's payment should fail, they will be emailed about the issue on their account and will have up to one week to make a payment before their subscription is canceled.  


All Playlist Placements will require verification of identity in order to protect against fraudulent transactions. If a client pays using PayPal, that client will not be required to verify your identity. If you did not pay using PayPal cannot verify your identity upon request, you will be refunded 70% and your song will not be placed. Allow up to 14 business days after a purchase is made to have the song placed. Most songs will be placed between 2 and 7 days. PayPal requires 48 hours wait time before clients can confirm their order  (through their PayPal account) and begin their placement process. For this reason, PayPal transactions will might take slightly longer for placement. Once the song is placed, HHH will send the client the names and links to the playlists that their song is placed on. Songs will be up on our playlists for up to a month. One playlist placement purchase will equal one song placed on our playlists. HHH cannot and does not guarantee a certain amount of streams. We guarantee placement of your song in front of a certain amount of organic Spotify listeners. The performance of your song on our playlists will depend on the quality of your song and how well listeners gravitate to your music. There are many factors that go into a song's performance on a playlist. These factors include exposure, how high or low the song is placed on playlists, and more. For this reason, Hip Hop Helper cannot and does not guarantee any streams. Just because your song is on a playlist doesn't mean people will listen to it for more than 30 seconds (this is what counts as a stream). To have the best chance at maximizing your playlist placement's potential, use your Platinum and Diamond member placements (only available by signing up). The numbers shown on our playlist placement packages are the average amount of streams that an artist gets from using those same packages. View our playlist placement plans for the amounts of follower exposure that we can guarantee. If a client should decide to re-purchase a playlist placement package while they have a package running with HHH already, HHH will place the client's song in front of as many additional Spotify Listener's as possible on different playlists. While we strive to offer the most quality exposure for the lowest cost, all clients must note that playlist placements are not compounding. This means that buying a playlist placement package with reach to 100K listeners as well as package with reach to 50K listeners will not guarantee exposure to 150K listeners. The placement packages featured on our site use the same playlists. As the follower reach increases, the addition of different playlists increases. Our highest quality playlist placements are our custom placements. These are the placements that clients will see the best results in. Our Top Spot placements (Placements that will feature a client's song as one of the first 10 song's on a playlist) start with the Platinum Placement Package. All playlist placement packages below the Platinum package are not guaranteed to be Top 10 placements. HHH will always send clients the Spotify URLs of the playlists that we place their song(s) on. HHH is constantly verifying and re-verifying the organic authenticity of our playlist curators. In the event that we find a playlist's following in inorganic, we will redirect your song to be placed on an organic playlist. This new playlist will not necessarily have the same following as the old one, however the engagement and value of the playlist will be higher and should get the artist more organic streams. That is our goal. In the event that a client purchases and plan and has their song(s) placed on different playlists, we will notify the client of the new playlist. "Listener Reach" consists of the amount of listeners that rotate in and out of a playlist in a 30 period. These listeners include playlist followers as well as Spotify listeners who do not follow the playlist. Listener Reach is different than Playlist Likes/Followers. When you purchase a playlist placement, you indicate that you have read and understood the difference between a playlist's following and its Listener Reach.


All social media campaigns are run through our influencer pages or through ads. As with playlist placement, please allow up to 5 business days for your content to be posted on our influencers' pages. HHH will only partner with influencers whose pages are free of suspicious activity (bots, purchased likes, comments, or followers, etc.) to ensure the highest quality service for our artists and clients. If HHH discovers that an influencer's page is in any way inorganic, we reserve the right to withhold payment to that influencer. All influencers in our network will be employed on a case-by-case basis. All clients running a social media campaign will be emailed with the social media profile of their selected influencer in order to view their content on said influencer's page. While results from social media campaigns are guaranteed, HHH can only guarantee the amount of organic social media users (IG, Tik Tok, etc.) that your content will be able to reach. The performance of your content and the amount of users that decide to visit your profile and follow you will be based on the content provided to us. If a client's content/song is refused by our influencers for any reason, they may choose to have their funds transferred over into Spotify playlist placement or to simply receive an 88% refund. This is non-negotiable. 



No refunds will be given at any time for our Spotify Playlist Curator Network subscription payments. This is our policy because our digital product is sent to all clients immediately upon purchase and it cannot be unsent. When clients check the Terms & Conditions tab, they confirm that they have read and understood this information fully before making a purchase. In the event of a dispute or fraudulent activity, Hip Hop Helper reserves the right to use your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions as evidence that you understand what you are purchasing as well as the monthly payment structure. Our monthly payment structure is currently only for our Spotify Playlist Network. If a client should purchase a Spotify Playlist Placement (Which is different than the Spotify Playlist Curator Network), it will be a one-time payment for that service. As mentioned above, double purchases of playlist placements are not always compounding. Depending on various factors including the time of your purchases, purchasing a follow-up playlist placement while your song has already been placed could result in a client's song being placed with the highest exposure package that that client purchased. In the event that you would like to run multiple playlist placements for a higher overall listener reach, you must email Hip Hop Helper at TheHipHopHelper@gmail.com to run custom playlist placements for you after your initial purchase. Our goal is to get our clients in front of as many new eyes and ears as possible. Custom playlist placements will yield the best results. Refunds for our playlist placements will only be available in the event that:

  • Our client's song was not accepted by our curators due to poor mix quality (in this case, clients will only receive a 70% refund)

  • Our client was not placed on our playlists within 14 business days with no prior warning

The maximum refund amount that will ever be given for a playlist placement purchase is 70% with no exceptions. There will be absolutely no refunds given for subscription purchases made under an incorrect email address unless the client starts a new subscription under the correct email address first. Our payment processing system requires clients to input their email address twice, please be sure to check for typos when signing up. Any purchases claimed to be made "accidentally" will be regarded as intentional purchases and are subject to the same refund/cancellation policy. In the event a client would like to cancel a subscription with HHH, an email must be sent to TheHipHopHelper@gmail.com stating that they would like to cancel. Upon receipt of this email, HHH will ask the client to confirm cancellation by replying "confirm cancellation". Any cancellation email sent to HHH should be from the same email that the client signed up for our subscription service with. No membership accounts will be deactivated until the client confirms cancellation. All cancellation confirmations must be received at least 48 hours prior to the client's next bill date for that client to avoid being charged on their next bill date.