How did this artist gain millions of streams and a record deal?


Leveraging the power of Tik Tok

King Staccz Tik Tok.jpg
This artist had hundreds of thousands of people making challenge videos to his (at the time) newest song "Pretty Face" on Tik Tok. The viral effect of Tik Tok has led to the song being streamed more than 1 million times on Spotify and to King Staccz taking meetings from labels like Atlantic Records and Sony! Hip Hop Helper decided to get an exclusive interview for you, our valued members!



HHH: What is your background story?

King Staccz: I started rapping because my ex was a big fan of these kids from my neighborhood and I guess I got jealous lol

HHH: What do you want people to know about you?

King Staccz: I want people to know that i'm not a regular person and that one day i'll be one of the greatest

HHH: How long have you been releasing music?

King Staccz: 3 years

HHH: What is the marketing method you used to make your song go viral on Tik Tok and be streamed 600,000+ times on Spotify to date?

King Staccz: Man there wasn't much to it, I was offering free Instagram promo to anyone who danced to my song on Tik Tok and from there Tik Tok went crazy

HHH: How much money have you invested into your marketing during this campaign?

King Staccz: $100 (laughing emoji)

HHH: If Atlantic Records & Sony Records have reached out to you, how & at what point in your song's release did it happen?

King Staccz: It happened a week after I posted the song on Tik Tok

HHH: Hip Hop is very diverse these days, what sub genre of hip hop would you classify yourself as?

King Staccz: I mean I'd call my sub genre alternative rock because I switch up the way I make music all the time so i'm more of a rockstar also

HHH: Who are some of your inspirations as an artist?

King Staccz: A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, and Travis $cott are my main ones but there are way more

HHH: What label, if any, do you think you could see yourself signing to?

King Staccz: I can see myself signed to Sony Records or Columbia Records maybe

HHH: Any upcoming music/content that we should be looking out for?

King Staccz: I got the craziest music video for Pretty Face, and so much hits under my belt